Evaluation and monitoring of the budget programs effectiveness

Economic Annals-XXI: Volume 130, Issue 5-6(2), Pages: 31-33

Citation information:
Korniyenko, N. (2013). Evaluation and monitoring of the budget programs effectiveness. Economic Annals-XXI, 5-6(2), 31-33. http://ea21journal.world/index.php/ea-v130-09/

Nataliya Korniyenko
Chief Financial Economist,
Department on Financial-Economic Issues and Accounting,
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ukraine

Evaluation and monitoring of the budget programs effectiveness

Abstract. The article reveals essence of the evaluation and monitoring of budget programs performance as key instruments of program-target method. Benefits of the budget expenditures effectiveness analysis in the budget process system application, as well as its main features and methods used in international practice in result-oriented budgeting. It has been proven that monitoring is an important component of program’s performance evaluation. The analysis of budget programs evaluation in Ukraine has been done and discovered that the current system needs further improvement of the mechanism for evaluation measurement of public services quality and achieved result. The main development trends and direction of the national evaluation of budget programs are revealed and the methodology for the implementation of budget expenditures monitoring is proposed.

Keywords: Budget; Budget Program; Expenditures; Monitoring; Evaluation

JEL Classification: H61; H72


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Received 01.05.2013