Qualimetric assessment of enterprise’s personnel innovative potential

Economic Annals-ХХI: Volume 140, Issue 3-4(2), Pages: 31-34

Citation information:
Adamenko, M. (2014). Qualimetric assessment of enterprise’s personnel innovative potential. Economic Annals-XXI, 3-4(2), 31-34. http://ea21journal.world/index.php/ea-v140-08/

Maryna Adamenko
PhD (Economics),
Associate Professor,
Kryvyi Rih National University
11, XXII Partzyizdu Str., Kryvyi Rih, 50027, Ukraine

Qualimetric assessment of enterprise’s personnel innovative potential

Abstract. Introduction. Personnel innovative potential (PIP) qualimetric assessment issue is important due to the fact of insufficient attention to the problem of its level quantitative measuring based on performance which characterizes employees’ innovation skills and capabilities.

Purpose of the research is development of methodology for personnel innovation potential qualimetric assessment depending on availability of staff innovative skills and capabilities.

The methods of algorithmic modelling, expert review based on a binary scale, statistical analysis, matrix method are used in this paper.

Results. Necessity of personnel innovative potential assessment using quality control methods is grounded. The algorithm and methodological approaches to the qualimetric assessment of personnel innovative potential depending on availability of personnel innovative skills and capabilities are developed. The system of performances to assess the innovative skills and capabilities of employees and the mechanism of their calculation are formed. A criteria matrix of personnel innovation potential integral level assessment was developed.

Conclusion. The set of organizational and methodological developments allowed forming the method of personnel innovative potential qualimetric assessment. It is used to assess the level of personnel innovation potential in a separate company, to make comparative analysis with its level at other enterprises and identify measures to optimize the employees’ innovative skills and capabilities.

Keywords: Enterprise; Personnel; Innovative Potential; Qualimetric Assessment

JEL Classification: C52; M21; M54


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Received 23.02.2014