Replenishment evolution and structural transformation of global capital

Economic Annals-ХХI: Volume 155, Issue 11-12, Pages: 4-9

Citation information:
Bilorus, O. (2015). Replenishment evolution and structural transformation of global capital. Economic Annals-XXI, 155(11-12), 4-9.

Oleg Bilorus
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Honored Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine,
D.Sc. (Economics),
Academy of Financial Management
38 Druzhby Narodiv Blvd, Kyiv, 01014, Ukraine

Replenishment evolution and structural transformation of global capital

Abstract. The processes and problems of replenishment evolution and structural transformation of the global financial capital under conditions of the world-system of postindustrial globalism forming are discussed in the article from the position of the global political economy and economic globalistics. The objective economic law of uncontrolled and accelerated self-growth of the global financial capital in comparison with GDP/GNP growth has been formulated on the basis of analysis and estimation of the replenishment dynamics of the virtual global financial capital self-growth which is considered to be a main factor of permanent non-cyclical crises of virtual financial resources overproduction and overconsumption. Policy recommendations for the future global financial strategies have also been proposed.

Keywords: Global Capital; Financial Globalisation; Global Financialization; Hyperfinancialization; Global Financial Civilization

JEL Classification: E60; E69; F01; F02; F30; F50; F65


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Received 24.09.2015