194(11-12), 2021

Economic Annals-ХХІ

ISSN 1728-6220 (Print)

ISSN 1728-6239 (Online)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21003/ea

Volume 194, Issue 11-12

December 27, 2021



Alyaseri, N. H. A. (Iraq).
Optimization of the challenges facing the Iraqi economy based on the values of returns in 2000-2020 4-12

Makki, M. R., Kadhim, R. N., & Abed, A. R. (Iraq).
Impact of the agricultural division on the Iraqi Balance of Payments using VAR analysis 13-20


Irman,  M., Budiyanto, & Suwitho (Indonesia).
Financial inclusion as mediator in the relationship of social capital and financial literacy towards business performance of the trade sector SMEs in Pekanbaru, Indonesia 21-28

Slinkova, O., Slinkov, A., Semchenko, I., Vishnevskaya, E., & Yasenok, S. (Russian Federation).
Russian entrepreneurship in the context of the economic crisis: tendencies, problems and prospects 29-35

Ivashchuk, O., Ivashchuk, O., Fedorov, V., Rodionov, A., & Shtana, A. (Russian Federation).
Formation of a complex method for analyzing multidimensional production data of a processing plant 36-48

Fionita, I., Kufepaksi, M., & Hasnawati, S. (Indonesia).
CEO overconfidence, investment decisions and firm value in Indonesia 49-58

Tretyakova, L., Spichak, I., Zhirova, I., Tkhorikov, B. (Russian Federation), & Evtushenko, E. (Ukraine).
Hiring in pharmaceutical organizations: procedural aspects of personnel assessment 59-66

Meutia, R., Apridar, Mursidah, Mastuti, R., & Fuad, M. (Indonesia).
Investment decisions, financing and dividends to increase firm value: a case study of manufacturing companies in Indonesia 67-72

Yuminarti, U., Isaskar, R., Widati, A. W., & Fahriyah (Indonesia).
Shifting cultivation management to increase economic efficiency in potato farms 73-80

Raharjo, T., Sudiyati, N., Jayadi, N., Sukanadi, I. M., & Ratnaningtyas, Y. A. (Indonesia).
Production efficiency in handicrafts manufacturing on the example of decorative ceramics: the use of training for making craft products made of glass fiber reinforced concrete 81-89

Zuliyati, Poerwati, T., & Rusdianto, H. (Indonesia).
The creative economy in developing entrepreneurship: a case study on calligraphy craftsmen in Indonesia 90-95

Tkhorikov, B., Pirogova, M., Zakharov, V., Gerasimenko, O., & Osadchaya, S. (Russian Federation).
Semantic mapping technique: development of advertising content 96-103


Setiorini, K. R., Rahmawati, Payamta, & Hartoko, S. (Indonesia).
The pentagon fraud theory perspective: understanding of motivation of executives to manipulate with the financial statements of a state-owned enterprise 104-110

Stryabkova, E., Chistnikova, I., Antonova, M., Druzhnikovа, E., & Mochalova, Y. (Russian Federation).
Factors influencing absorption of the banks’ financial resources: assessment of the optimality 111-118

Anggraeni, A. F., Winarningsih, S., & Suprijadi, J. (Indonesia).
How to improve the quality of accounting information system in digital era (an empirical study of state-owned enterprises in Indonesia) 119-127


Shumakova, I., Voronov, A., Peresypkin, A., & Danilova, E. (Russian Federation).
The theoretical heritage of marketing management: a retrospective analysis 128-134


Rumambi, H. D., Ohoitimur, J., Kaparang, R. M., Lintong, J. S., & Tangon, J. N. (Indonesia).
Social responsibility model to empower community for higher education institution 135-143

Susilaningsih (Indonesia).
Generic entrepreneurship education program design for universities 144-150

Samia, N., Naárné Tóth, Zs., & Vasa, L. (Hungary).
The Role of food aid and livelihood interventions in mediating the relationship between household’s resilience and economic empowerment 151-163