188(3-4), 2021

Economic Annals-XXI

 ISSN 1728-6220 (Print)

ISSN 1728-6239 (Online)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21003/ea

Volume 188, Issue 3-4,

May 10, 2021



Allakhverdieva, L. A. (Azerbaijan).
Measuring media liberalism or dirigisme degree by country 4-14

Ferina, I. S., Afiah, N. N., & Poulus, S. (Indonesia).
The effect of information technology innovation on good public governance: a case study in Indonesia 15-22

Ashour, H. K., Mahlhal, A. H., & Jebur, A. K. (Iraq).
The role of productive university in supporting the budget and educational process development 23-30

Susilawati, D. M., Suryanto, & Windijarto (Indonesia).
Transforming the digital leadership to improve public service performance in the COVID-19 outbreak 31-38

Al-Najar, D. M. M. (Iraq).
The effect of electronic learning strategy on the quality of educational service from the economic point of view: the case of Iraq 39-46

Shelemba, M., & Shelemba, M. (Ukraine).
The current state of the nationalization of the party systems in the Slovak Republic and Ukraine 47-57


Kormishkina, L. A., Kormishkin, E. D., Gorin, V. A., & Koloskov, D. A. (Russian Federation).
Circular investments as a key to solving the growth dilemma 58-68

Sergushina, E., Leontyev, D., Kozhukalova, O., Dambayeva, I., & Bekhorashvili, N. (Russian Federation).
Digital economy as a factor in increasing the competitiveness of countries and industries: a quantitative analysis 69-76 

Hussein, M. Y. (Iraq).
An analysis and measurement of the effect of changes in public revenues on selected macro variables of the Iraqi economy from 2008 to 2021 77-84

Starodubtsev, A., & Bakai, Yu. (Ukraine).
Credit guarantees in Ukraine’s agriculture: a development mechanism based on international practices 85-97

Zamil, S. M., Bahit, Gh. Sh., & Balhawi, H. K. (Iraq).
Measuring the effect of cash credit on industrial production in Iraq for the period of 2003-2020 98-103

Makrum, Hadiati, T., Abdullah, Z., & Fitri, A. A. (Indonesia).
Medical risk products: certification by Majelis Ulama Indonesia 104-110


Al-Qaisi, E. M. A., & Dahash, F. J. (Iraq).
Financial analysis of efficiency indicators and their impact on investment policies: a case study of the Arab Qatari Agricultural Production Company in  2013-2020 111-117

Budinorman, Ya., Mulyani, S., Sukmadilaga, C., & Winarningsih, S. (Indonesia).
Is information quality a key factor in improving competitive advantages and performance of engineering, procurement and construction companies? 118-126

Utari, W., Sudaryanto, Jannah, N., Sobakh, N., & Rusdiyanto (Indonesia).
Consumer interest with regard to product completeness, promotion and location: the case of Indonesia 127-133

Voronkova, O., Stepanenko, O., Balamirzoev, N., Makarenko, S. (Russian Federation), & Nurumov, A. (Kazakhstan).
Development of the intellectual capital of an enterprise as a competitive advantage in production management 134-140

Berezina, A., Saenko, N., Puryaev, A., Fridman, M., & Artemova, E. (Russian Federation).
The project approach in the development of small business in the Russian Federation 141-148

Susminingsih (Indonesia), Alias, N. (Malaysia), Supriyanto, A. S., Kanafi, I., & Subiyadi, A. (Indonesia).
Labeling local brand to increase coffee shop visits during the COVID-19 pandemic 149-157


Wasilewska, N. (Poland).
The functioning of the credit market in the European Union and the consequences of legal regulations regarding the cost of credit on the example of Poland 158-173

Abdulahad, A. F. (Iraq).
The ability to reduce the expectation gap between financial reporting users and auditors: an analytical study of audit offices in Iraq 174-181

Kareem, H. B., Ali, M. H., & Al-Ibraheemi, H. A. K. (Iraq).
The role of the relationship between planning systems and open accounting records in the hotel systems in terms of the quality of accounting information 182-187

Zinisha, O., Kharchenko, E., Avdeev, Yu., Pavlova, N., & Maltsev, Ia. (Russian Federation).
Features of application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by international companies 188-194

Mulhadi, Ikhwansyah, I., Kartikasari, R., & Fakhriah, E. L. (Indonesia).
The role of economy judge in realizing the principle of utmost good faith fairness in default insurance 195-200